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On Palin/Biden debate as it happens

So far no gaffe from Biden, although there was an accusation that Palin couldn’t defend McCain’s record and she acknowledged she may not answer the question the way either Biden or the moderator wants it answered, she is addressing the American people.

“Fairness.” That’s the leftist Biden again voting with his heart instead of some common sense for what is good for the country. Few people want to be unfair but the fact is legislation can’t be made based on sympathy. Who exactly is going to be paying for all these compassionate health insurance costs? Biden’s well-known generosity?

Sarah now attacks the “patriotic” ideal of Biden’s–paying more taxes is patriotic–and addresses those whom she charges Biden left out: small businesses.

Cheap shot: “Ultimate bridge to nowhere.” Still living off an old issue he can’t let go of.

Palin acknowledges that she has only been doing this for five weeks. Smart move. Honesty and forthrightness is appreciated.

“Energy independence is the key to America future.” Totally agreed.

On climate change Palin says: “I’m not one to attribute every activity of man to climate changes.” Also acknowledges cycles and says she doesn’t want to argue about the causes but get down to business of cleaning up the mess. Wonder if Al Gore was smart enough to recognize himself in that?

Biden says: Climate change is man-made. Cites McCain’s record of voting against alternatives and LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH brings up topic of clean coal. He has changed his mind apparently? AND says he has always supported it it even when questioned on that by Gwen Ifill.

And Sarah takes him to task on it!!! I’ll be waiting for MSM to report on this. (Will I suffocate?)

Same sex issues: Sarah states straight up she doesn’t believe in re-defining traditional marriage but that civil rights will not be denied. This is how it stands in Alaska, where the citizenry has voted against the re-definition

Barack Obama heard from his running mate on voting against funding troops and Sarah credits Biden with this. Biden tries to say McCain did the same, but downplays McCain’s reason for doing so: timeline. I wonder if Gwen will ask if he has issued an invitation to the “insurgents” to come back when the US leaves?

Here it comes: “white flag of surrender.” Palin brings up how Obama and Biden opposed surge and refused to admit it succeeded when that happened. And Biden still on about McCain’s no vote: does he not get that McCain was casting his no against that surrender flag?

Biden says Iran getting a nuclear weapon would be “very de-stablilzing.” Whatever happened to “Iran poses no threat?

Coal, Iran….can’t these two agree on anything?

The ‘cuda is coming out! She references Obama’s comments about sitting down with the Iranian leader on a presidential level and Biden denies it happened! Did he forget when Obama threw back his, “It’s my presidency and I’ll meet with who I want!”

This administration. “Abject failure.” He seems to forget all the refusals on the part of the Palestinians to take part in the peace process when Israel was willing to keep on giving. The ‘cuda goes on attack about a ticket that looks backwards and viability of its claim it wants change. Biden claims “past is prologue” but one wonders how it can be when he leaves out half the story.

Biden is starting to sound like an idiot the way he keeps repeating things with a full stop after each word.

Did McClellan say surge won’t work? Will we have a Kissinger moment after the debate? Palin invokes the Biden “I was for it I was against it” and Biden’s previous support for McCain’s military strategy, including the financial support of troops issue. And after Biden finishes his spiel Palin drives the point in more: Biden says something different depending on the time and the place.

Oh yes, “heartbeat away”: “God forbid,” says Biden. “That would be a national tragedy of historical proportions.” Understatement? Talk again about ending war in Iraq but as always, fails to discuss how he will end it with our victory ensured and the American people knowing that nobody will be following the soldiers back home to come after Americans on our own soil.

Palin: “What do you expect? A team of mavericks…he has never asked me to check my opinions at the door.” She will continue policies without forgetting Wasilla Main Street.

Biden spends a lot of time at Home Depot? Is that who gets all the donations? And was that Gwen getting a good chuckle from Palin’s, “Say it ain’t so, Joe! There you go again pointing backwards!”?

Gwen talks about candidate’s previous comments about the vice presidency: Biden said he’d never do it and Palin has joked about a veep’s daily duties. And then gets a laugh for calling Ifill’s comments on that “a lame attempt at a joke.”

“He’s president.” Was that a Freudian slip? Must have felt the coin in his pocket shifting.

Experience and discipline. First up, Palin: Lists her experience as executive and connection to heartland of America. Biden: Acknowledges he has more than one Achilles heel. Really? Is that why he said Hillary would be better for the job? This was his chance to talk about change and Sarah stole it. What a barracuda!

Is there a clear winner? Both had a lot of points but from what I could gather as I typed, Palin rebutted all the accusations Biden lobbed, whereas Biden really had nothing he could say even if the pipe had been passed to him. There probably will be something to say for both candidates, and of course Democrats won’t be quite as honest in their assessment as those on the right tend to be. (Check the blogs if you don’t believe me, and notice the absence of clear McCain/Palin coverage in MSM.) But it can’t be ignored that Sarah shone and the American public will see it without the hatchet job the MSM routinely does on her quotes. She was confident, she didn’t falter once, she had a great sense of humor and caught out Biden on his gross exaggerations and falsifications. Biden, on the other hand, lied all the way to the end. Didn’t question motives? Who does he think he’s kidding?

Closing statements: You go, Sarah! Takes the MSM to task for their aforementioned hatchet jobs, and does it with class! Proud to be an American. (Note to Obama: Do you recognize yourself in that comment?) “We will fight for [freedom].” Epitomizes Alaska: The future, and wants to show that to America.

Biden’s: Backwards again. All the health care and etc., but again, fails to mention how to pay for it. “It’s time for American to get up together.” How will the country stand up when Obama/Biden want the government to control the lives of Americans?

As you can see this was pounded out as the debate progressed, so if I missed something please feel free to add in or ask questions. I’ll provide an update later as well.


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