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The Obama hypocrisy

Much discussed in conservative blogs, it is staggering. While the past 24 hours has seen us inundated with any kind of “dirt” that could be dug up on Sarah Palin–links and articles devoted to whether her lipliner is tattooed on, why her accent is “weird,” that she lives comfortably–nary a word on the Democrats’ hand in this whole housing scandal, nor that Barack Obama is the recipient of the second-largest amount of kickbacks from our Fannie and Freddie. That he has associations with some of the sleaziest, most degraded people in the country, people who seek to do more damage and wish our nation ill. That he doesn’t mind a ginormous “O” sticker on his airplane but refuses to allow it to display the American flag. That he panders to a group who advocates shouting down the opposition if they are Americans but meeting civilly if one happens to be a Napolean-complexed religious zealot who denies the Holocaust, speaks of wiping Israel off the map, fouls free soil with talk of destruction and silences citizens in his own country.

Of course we should instead be wondering why in Alaska someone could actually dare to be successful and disregard our lack of awareness of Alaska society in which airplanes are owned casually, North Slope wages enable many a comfortable lifestyle, and a minority of individuals are richer than most others. Hmmm, probably not unlike, oh I don’t know, Barack Obama?

Oh and for the record: there are no counties in Alaska. Boroughs, thank you. But I digress. I meant to say that in ways Alaska and its citizens are not unlike the rest of the nation, these characteristics still somehow manage to be discussed as if they were a travesty, or that no one else had them in common. Of course Alaska is very unlike the other states, but cultural diversity and existential realities are only respected when they fit particular agendas, it appears. In the largest state in the union (yes, Texas, Alaska’s bigger) with perhaps the smallest road system, a single-engine plane is not the luxury it would be in a place like Chicago. But why take that into consideration when you can imply that people are materialistic and possibly corrupt?

But the ability to ask people to account for their own lifestyles, associations and bad hairdos is a one-way street. Barack “call me if you need me” Obama has taken to rallying his troops to get in people’s faces, banning signs and enlisting law and order to police the criticism of those with opposing viewpoints.

So it is not comforting at all to recall the words of his pesky and interfering wife:

Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zones. That you push yourselves to be better. And that you engage. Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed.

Fortunately we have her to come to our rescue and be part of the team and plan, create and implement our salvation by way of digging us out of our miserable lives. Perhaps she will be the architect of our new lives, ones in which we are made to appear–in much the same way Chairman Obama will “demand” all else of us–to make accounts for our past lives, admit the error of our ways and resolve to focus more on the path taken by he whom “we have been waiting for.” For the party of the people we can all take a great leap forward to days when our mass mobilization to all these self help meetings will effectively hand over our nation to the likes of anybody who cares to pick up the pieces.

But if you’re going to do it, as they say, you might as well do it right. Obama has already started the campaign to silence critics and free speech has started to pack its bags. The Fairness Doctrine Act threat looms over us all and I think not a few of us are wondering if the new “Welcome to Missouri” signs will be adjusted for our states and distributed accordingly.

I have just one question: When do we start wearing boxy jackets and worshipping peasants?


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