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Prostituting youth for Obama

I’m sure this music teacher could go whirling dervish for Obama if she tried hard enough.

Where have we gone to that pinning campaign buttons on children is so “20th century”? Now we are into rounding up our children to sing worship songs to Barack Obama? What’s next? Obama Youth? Goose-step parades that feel good because music is used? When do they start pledging allegiance to Obama? Or give the special salute?

I know this clip is not exactly new, but I’ve been trying to avoid it because just hearing it on the radio gave me the urge to projectile. It sickens me that this man is not only allowing but encouraging this “Obama as god” mentality to trickle across the country–“glassy eyed” is perhaps his strongest method for getting people to look directly at him and his exploits and not see anything untoward.

But when it comes to imposing this on children, and seeing all these adults giving their tacit approval for in-school brainwashing, I wonder that if Obama is elected (as Hitler was), how long will it be before the “American look” becomes a standard defense mechanism in US society? Because already it has been reported that tires have been slashed, homes sprayed with graffiti and I’ve lost count of how many people have been shouted down by Obama acolytes. So with the indoctrination of today’s youth already begun, it’s a bit disconcerting to consider the future of all this. The words than come to mind for me are bonfires and book seizures. The free speech that was and checking before talking.

I can’t decide if Obama is trying to be Mao or Hitler mainly because, it seems, neither can he. In his desperate bid to be God, he appears to be trying on anything, including Greek columns, to promote himself as the savior of the world, sent to the United States to begin his work and expand outward. And like most other politicians, he uses children or the idea of them to promote his agenda.

And the media are just loving it.


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Jodie Evans lied to Alaska radio show host?

Jodie Evans, co-founder of the radical group Codepink, and representing this group met with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, appeared on the Eddie Burke Show this afternoon to discuss her group’s position and answer questions.

Evans stated that her group does not affiliate with any candidate and endorses neither Barack Obama nor John McCain. When the conversation inevitably made its way to Iraq, she asserted the surge has not worked, Americans are killing Iraqis “by the millions” and the country is worse off than before the US invaded. Having made several references to her numerous trips to Iraq, the radical activist was asked by the show’s producer to account for Iraq’s enormous surplus and the fact that women, whom Evans referred to as “free” before US involvement, were routinely degraded, raped and murdered, or that countless others were murdered by Saddam. She replied by saying the surplus has nothing to do with people’s lives and started to tick off the ways in which Iraqis are suffering under the US. After she claimed women are not permitted to drive or work the producer called her a liar and disconnected.

Once calm prevailed, the pair began discussing her comments with McHugh Pierre, who made note of Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich’s attendance at a fundraiser given for his benefit by Codepink. Begich is said to have claimed he will not accept any money from them, but the radio host implied Begich’s mere association with them tainted him as “un-Alaskan.” Burke got a bit ruffled around the feathers because Evans claimed non support for anyone yet had stated a preference for Begich. Moreover, her group advocates shouting down opponants and, official or not, very clearly supports Barack Obama.

Why does Jodie Evans seem to think people won’t notice how she contradicts herself with regard to who she or her group does or doesn’t support? Where can she claim some source to be able to state on Alaska airwaves that Americans are killing Iraqis “by the millions”? And why does she try to engage in shouting people down if they don’t agree with her? She was putting her best foot forward today, but this head Pink Lady has a lot to answer for.

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